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The muzzle brake of an M198 155mm howitzer venting propellant gases sideways as the howitzer is fired. A muzzle brake or recoil compensator is a device connected to the muzzle of a firearm or ... Brakes most often utilize slots, vents, holes, baffles, and similar devices. The strategy of a muzzle brake is to redirect and ... Polk Audio PSW505 Subwoofer - Secrets of Home Theater and High ... The internal surface area of the slot vent is about 15 square inches; about the same as having two 3†round ports. A close-mic sweep of the woofer revealed an ... Heyco® HEYCaps, Nylon Finishing Plugs and Venting Solutions ...

so therefore considering the use of slot ports came to my mind .... can give advice .... slot port or rounded port is better for subwoofers .

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Slot ports have been around for a while in the pro-sound world and even some commercial HT subs have them See more on Slot port flaring . Use port flares Less turbulence means a smaller diameter port can be used - which means a shorter vent. You can use commercial flares or make your own. They really make a difference! See more on Port Flares .

Aero port vs Slot port- | Forum Another thing about using long slot vents and aero vents in a box is that the textbook calculations for determining the correct length tend to off a bit, and2. BOTH entrances to the vent should be flared. Flaring only one makes the port asymmetric and can increase distortion and cone offset at high...